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John Doe

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“So what am I? Escaped mental patient? Alien that sees in black and white? Government lobotomy experiment? What else was I to think? For a guy who had all the answers, I didn’t have the ones that mattered the most.” - John Doe

John Doe

John Doe Overview - by KJC

Only the perfect mind can solve the perfect crime.


The show “John Doe” lasted only one season.  In my opinion it was one of the best detective/science fiction shows I have seen in a long time.  The tragedy of this short lived show was that no one really knew who John Doe was, not even the main character, John, himself.


John Doe woke up on Horseshoe Island with no memory of who he was.  After a short time, Doe realized he knew everything.  He knew obscure facts and any information about anything someone could ever want to know.  He knew everything but who he was.


Armed with his amazing mind, John Doe set out to discover who he really was and what had happened to him to cause him to lose the totality of his memory.  Along the way, he befriended two detectives, Jamie Avery and Frank Hayes, and helped them crack many difficult cases haunting Seattle.  He rented a room above a bar called The Sea, owned by Digger, who became one of John’s best friends.  John was constantly plagued by his lost memory and obsessed over who he really was.  Every episode teased the audience with a small tidbit about what could possibly be John Doe’s past.


One of the different aspects of John was his black and white vision.  Occasionally he would see certain objects in color, be they photographs, a small bird called a Phoenix, and a woman who waved at him and called him Tommy.  John never found the woman whom he saw on a boat heading away from him, but he found out from certain members of a group called the Phoenix Organization that the woman’s name was Teresa.


The Phoenix Group, it appeared, was following John, and did not want him to find out about his past.  Unbeknownst to him, the Phoenix Organization planted cameras in his apartment and monitored his progress on finding out who he really was.  Whenever John seemed to be getting close to his past, the Phoenix Group would step in and divert him from his goals, going so far as to kill a young girl John had befriended as a threat to him.


In the cliffhanger season finale, which turned out to be the series finale, it appeared that John’s best friend, Digger, was working for the Phoenix Organization, and had kidnapped Teresa in order to keep her from John.  It was the ultimate tragedy of this show that John never found out who he truly was.  The producers revealed that John Doe obtained his amazing memory from a near death experience, but other than that, nothing else was revealed about the show, and we shall always be left wondering: Who is John Doe?


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