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Earth: Final Conflict

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They are the Companions. Aliens, come to Earth, on a mission of peace. Their true mission, the secrets they hide, forever alter humanity. In the struggle for our planet, the battle between these Taelon Companions and the Human Resistance holds the key to Earth's future and the fate of mankind.
Earth: Final Conflict
Earth: Final Conflict Overview - by KJC

Gene Roddenberry’s “Earth: Final Conflict,” was discovered years after his death and commonly called “the lost manuscript.”  It was the most interesting and unique show I have ever had the privilege of watching.


Instead of the typical sci fi show in which humans explore the stars, aliens have come to us.  The Taelons, who call themselves the Companions, seem to be a gentle and advanced people, who eliminate war, starvation, and many other major concerns on Earth.  Humans see these Companions as the saviors of the world, but a secret organization forms against these aliens, suspicious that they are here for reasons other than what they are claiming.  The Taelons, it appears, have an agenda besides saving the Earth.  The Resistance comes across bizarre experiments involving Taelon/human hybrids, biological weapons, and many other things that the Taelons cover up from the general public.


In an attempt to discover the Taelons' true agenda, the Resistance recruits a policeman, William Boone, to become a Taelon Protector.  A Protector is assigned to one Companion at all times and must protect them against anything that may cause harm to the aliens.  In order to become a Protector, Boone allowed himself to be implanted with a CVI—a cyber viral implant devised by the aliens, which serves as a mind enhancer and also is connected to a skrill, a biological weapon which attaches itself to the forearm and serves as a powerful weapon.


Boone became Protector of Da’an, one of the key Companions in the Synod, the group of Taelons who serve as a council over all the Taelons.  For one year, Boone did all that he could to bring the Resistance closer to the truth about the Taelons, driven by his wife’s death—caused in part by the Taelons—almost to the point of obsession.  In the end, an alien, a Kimera called Ha’gel, who vowed vengeance against the Taelons, killed Boone while trying to complete his mission to destroy Da’an.


Before Ha’gel died, however, he conceived a son with another Protector, Agent Beckett, who grew to adulthood within nine hours.  Liam Kincaid was exceptionally intelligent and possessed a triple helix DNA structure as a result of his unique heritage.  It took a long time for the Resistance to trust him, but Liam proved his worth many times.  He quickly became Da’an’s new Protector (the only Protector not to receive a CVI), and remained loyal to the controversial Taelon while trying to convince the alien to tell the humans what really was going on.


Liam remained Da’an’s Protector until the Taelons’ agenda was revealed.  The Taelons had wanted the humans to learn how to save their race.  The Taelons depended upon an energy source to live, and the only race that could help save them and the Jaridians, their alien counterpart, were the humans.  Liam’s ultimate destiny was to join the Taelons and the Jaridians in order to create the Atavus.  In that way, their separate races could be saved by reverting back to the race they had originally been before they split.  Unfortunately, Liam was killed in the process.


The last year of the final conflict consisted of the Taelons and Jaridians’ plan backfiring.  This last and final season I believe could have been eliminated.  It consisted of Renee Palmer, an associate of Liam’s, hunting down the Atavus, who had become a violent and vampire-like species.  The show ended with Liam reappearing and helping Renee to destroy the Atavus and revive the Taelon mothership so that the humans could perform their ultimate purpose: to explore the stars.




Gene Roddenberry’s Questions

These questions were included in Gene Roddenberry’s bible manuscript for the show “Battleground: Earth,” now known as “Earth: Final Conflict.”  They were questions that he wanted the show to answer.


How can we overcome prejudices?

What is death?

Should we orchestrate war?

Is patriotism a disease?

What is the difference between sexuality and love?

When does duty end and morality begin?

Should there be government?

Whose ethics pre-dominate in a relationship: mine or yours?

What does it mean to be human?

Do machines live?

What use is religion?

Just because we can do something, should we?

What is the difference between dreams and reality?

What is consciences?

Is there a case for drug dependency?

What is the difference between male and female power?

Are ethics the same as morals?

What does it mean to be human?



Liam and Ma'el



I had an interesting thought quite some time ago about Liam and Ma'el that I thought should be shared.  Liam had links to the Taelon and Jaridian's past, and knew of their history excusively at the beginning of his life, but as his human DNA started taking over, he gradually lost sight of that knowledge.  At the end of the series, he had been changed back into an alien/human hybrid when he joined with the Taelons and Jaridians in hope of saving their race.


What if he was sent back in time and influenced Ma'el, the first Taelon who visited Earth?  Ma'el was one of the few who believed in the potential of the human race, and a novel has traced the very beginnings of his journeys, but what if there was more?  "Earth: Final Conflict" has dealt with time travel often.  It would not surprise me if there was something deeper.


A final note:  Look at Liam and Ma'el's names.  Reverse "Ma'el" and it becomes "Le'am," a spelling variant of "Liam."  Interesting.  What if Ma'el is really Liam?  It is a shame the show ended as it did.  It had so much potential.


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