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by KJC




Imagine if you will your Earth in the future.


Some say that it shall be a shining world of peace, full of new technologies that have bettered mankind.  Others say that war is obsolete.  Civil war unheard of.  Some say the future is a utopia, a perfect world, everything that poets have dreamed of.


There are others who imagine, if you will, that the Earth is a pit of doom in the future.  Things are bad now, they say.  They shall only get worse.  Earth shall be uninhabited, barren, desolate.  It shall be a charred rock orbiting the sun, destroyed by its human keepers.


I tell you, though, that Earth shall be a planet that no one will ever have dreamed of.


I tell you this, to warn you.


Earth, now, is full of life.  Earth then shall still be full of life, but the individual entities that make it up now shall be blotted out, absorbed into the larger population called “human.”


It started with the schools.  Competition between pupils as to who was smarter, who could get the best scholarship to go to university, who was the better athlete, who could obtain a job the quickest . . . it escalated beyond reason.


The human mind is a curious thing, capable of absorbing so much, yet incapable of thinking beyond itself.


Earth is a planet of prodigies.  Everyone possesses excellent skills in many walks of life, be it music, writing, athletics, mathematics, or languages.  Everyone is a genius.  If you aren’t, you are cast out of society and persecuted.  Everything is about who is better, who is the best at what they do.


Because of this, Earth is a wonderful place to live, full of new technologies.  Yet the competition between its inhabitants has grown to a fanatic state.  Wars are between individuals rather than nations.  Jobs are scarce because only the best of the best of the best are taken.


The human mind is a curious thing.  It will destroy us all, in the end.  Be warned, Earth.