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Sweet Chariot
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by KJC




He supposed he wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.


The world was moving in slow motion, the gate room spinning around him.  Voices turned low and meshed together.  The echoing blast of his gun still seemed to reverberate around the room.  There was a certain satisfaction in that sound.


The man standing in front of him dropped to the ground, dead before he even realized a bullet had hit him.  He could no longer hurt anyone else.


The world was still spinning, still blurring into a strange array of grays.  A cold pain had hit him in the chest, turning from ice into fire.  He had always thought there would be more pain.




The room brightened for a moment as she rushed into his vision, her blonde head the only object of clearness in the foggy world.


“Carter?”  He was sinking, now, his legs giving way beneath him.


She caught him and knelt over him on the floor, eyes bright with tears.  “Don’t you leave now,” she ordered, her voice filled with fury.


Would he have wanted it any other way?  To die with a gun in his hand, saving his friends . . . yes.  That was the way to go.


“Sam . . .”


“No,” she shook her head furiously.  “You can’t go.  It’s not your time.”


Teal’c appeared over her shoulder.


“Hey . . . T . . .”  It was getting harder to speak, harder to separate faces above him.  Daniel was there as well, but it was Teal’c that spoke.


“O’Neill, my friend.”


Where those tears in his eyes?  Could he go now?  Could he leave his friends to grieve?


“Teal’c . . .”  He could say no more.  There was nothing more to say.  The bond between them had grown to the point where Teal’c understood without either having to say a word.


Daniel gripped one of his hands.  “Jack.  You can fight it.”


“No.”  Sam shook her head, tears now flowing freely.  “Jack.  Stay with me.  The doctor’s coming.”


Was this truly the best way?


With great effort, he shook his head, the tiniest bit.  “Let me go, Sam.  Just let me go.  It’s time . . .”  His breathing was labored, his body numb.  The bullet was doing its work.


“No!  Jack!”  Sam squeezed his hand, as though hoping the effort would keep him with her.  “Fight this!  Fight it!”


The world was growing dim.  No, he would not have wanted it any other way.  What better way to die than with your friends by your side?


“Sam . . .” he whispered.  She leaned close, and his dying words fell on her ear as bittersweet honey.  “I love you.”


His last sight was of her, her tears falling from blue eyes as he slipped away.


Yes.  This was definitely the best way to go.  He wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.


Swing low, sweet chariot, coming for to carry me home . . .