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Stargate: SG-1

Stargate: SG-1 Overview - by KJC

“Stargate: SG-1” is based on the incredible science fiction movie, “Stargate,” which was written on the premise that aliens were the basis for the ancient gods that humans on Earth worshiped.  Ra, the Egyptian sun god, was an alien called a Goa’uld who ordered ancient humans to worship him.  Colonel Jack O’Neill destroyed Ra when his elite group of soldiers entered the Stargate, an ancient transportation device that serves as a wormhole to countless other Stargates across the universe on countless worlds.


SG-1 was a secret governmental team formed in order to explore these other worlds and exploit their resources.  The original SG-1 team consisted of Colonel JonathanJackO’Neill, Dr. Daniel Jackson (the man who cracked the Stargate code), Major Samantha Carter, and Teal’c, a Jaffa warrior who defected from the Goa’uld, Apophis.  Over a five year period of exploration, this team grew as close as a family.


Then, tragedy struck.  Earth needed a rare element called naquadria in order to fight against the Goa’uld, who were advancing ever closer to Earth.  On one of the planets SG-1 explored for this element, they met Jonas Quinn, a brilliant historian.  Through Jonas, they learned that his government was not willing to hand over their naquadria and were instead making a bomb that would potentially destroy their planet.  Dr. Jackson saved the planet by eliminating this threat, but in the process lost his own life.  Daniel, it appeared, did not actually die, but he had Ascended, and became a higher being with the help of an alien named Oma, occasionally showing up to help out his SG-1 teammates.


Because Jonas had worked against his government, he was now considered a traitor.  The remaining members of SG-1 took Jonas back to Earth with them.


After proving himself many times, Jonas became a loyal member of SG-1, replacing Dr. Jackson for one year and helping SG-1 fight against the Goa’uld and an even bigger threat, Replicators, who are robotic lifeforms obsessed with taking over all life in the universe.


Where I live, “Stargate: SG-1” is shown a year behind what is being produced, so right now I am watching the sixth season, but I do know that Dr. Jackson returns from the dead and replaces Jonas Quinn on the team.  In my opinion, however, Jonas brought a lightness to the show that had been desperately needed.  His friendship with Teal’c gave the silent Jaffa opportunity to actually get some lines and come to the front of the show.  With Daniel, Teal’c seemed like the extra character who is only there to save the rest of the team if they needed saving.  Jonas brought a genuine freshness to the show and made it more enjoyable to watch.  Don’t get me wrong if you are a Daniel Jackson fan.  Daniel had his own uniqueness that knit the SG-1 family together.  I am all for a new season with Daniel and Jonas playing an equal part.  I think that they would have good acting chemistry together.  Unfortunately, I don’t think it will happen.



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