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by KJC





The attack came without warning.  One moment, the council members of the newly formed Joint Ruling Council of Langara had been sitting around a table, quietly talking, and the next, the peace was disrupted with the blast of a staff weapon.


The door to the council chamber burst into a million pieces, shattered by the firepower behind it, and several dozen Jaffa stormed into the room before anyone had a chance to react.  Staff weapons aimed menacingly at the terrified councilor’s heads, and a well dressed Jaffa strode into the room, clearly the leader.  His head was smoothly shaven over his dark skin, and wild dark eyes glared into the room.  He was nearly half a foot taller than his fellow warriors.  He was flanked by two of Anubis’ warriors, clad entirely in black.


The Jaffa peered into each of the council member’s faces, his steely gaze biting and dissecting their terrified forms.  For several long moments, not a person in the room dared to move, and then, with the uncanny sense that can only belong to a Jaffa, the warrior picked the weakest member of the council, pulling the man to his feet and snarling into his face, “Where is Jonas Quinn?”


* * *


Only a few lights shone in the windows on a small dark street within the capitol city of Kelnowa – now known as Thenos.  It was late, and clouds had begun to cover the stars.  The peacefulness of the night was broken by fire from the heavens as small gliders swooped down over the peaceful city, setting fire to several buildings.


Jonas Quinn was jolted out of a deep train of thought as he sat, bent over a small desk, working on some papers within his apartment.  At the familiar sound of the glider’s scream as they cut through the air, Jonas leapt towards the third story window of his room and peered out into the night.  The gliders passed as shadows in the distance, fire leaping from their bellies.


A faint buzzing sounded from his desk as he looked out of the window, and he heard the voice of one of his fellow council members sounding over his communicator, “Jonas!  Jonas!  You have to run!  Right now!  The Goa’uld are coming for you.


The young man did not wait to hear anymore.  Dashing quickly around his room, he stuffed books and various odds and ends into his shoulder bag, then leapt back to the window.  Below in the streets he could see several Jaffa running towards his apartment.  He ducked back inside, heading towards the door, then at the last second, doubled back to the window.


Taking another look at the Jaffa below him, he opened the window and crawled through onto the rickety fire escape ladder that extended to the street below.  Instead of heading down, however, he climbed up to the roof.


Below, the Jaffa burst into an empty room, lit only by the single lamp still burning on a small desk.


“Search the streets.  Don’t let him get away,” the Jaffa heading the search ordered.


Above the darkened streets, Jonas ran, leaping from rooftop to rooftop until he ran out of places to run.  The gliders that had hovered in the distance over the now smoking council building had begun to circle, looking for him, he supposed.  It was best to head down.  He did not know if the Jaffa wanted him dead or alive.  He began to wonder, then, which Goa’uld was now searching for him?


Panting slightly as he raced down yet another darkened street, Jonas could hear the sounds of approaching Jaffa.  They were everywhere, and from the sound of it, he had become surrounded without even realizing what was happening.


Leaning against the corner of an old stone building, Jonas slung his bag off of his shoulder, then rummaged through its contents, finally drawing out what he wanted: a zatnik’atel, one of the last mementos from his days with SG-1.  Cocking the weapon, he dropped the bag, then slid forward carefully, listening.  The Jaffa were coming closer, and before he lost his nerve, he swung out from behind the building, firing with surprising accuracy at the five Jaffa who faced him.


He took down all five, but not without a price.  The familiar sensation of the zat gun’s electrical power overwhelmed him as he was shot from behind, and he jerked convulsively, collapsing into darkness.


* * *


“What seems to be so urgent, gentleman . . . and, er, lady,” General Jack O’Neil nodded at the five council members from Langara who stood pale faced before him in the Stargate Command debriefing room.


General O’Neil, we thought it best to inform you first,” one of the council members who had introduced himself as Garek said, his voice shaking slightly.  “Not more than two hours ago, our council meeting was disrupted.  We were attacked by a Goa’uld calling himself Anubis.”


Jack felt his heart drop into his stomach.


“He took only one thing,” Garek continued, pulling a piece of paper out of his coat.  It was a photograph of a bright, smiling young man.


Jack’s eyes widened as he recognized the man in the photograph.  Jonas!”


“Yes.  We thought perhaps your people could help us,” Garek continued.  “We do not have the means of locating Jonas Quinn or even of sending a rescue mission.  Your world has done so on numerous occasions, however, and Quinn is valuable to us.  We would be grateful if you would lend us aid in rescuing him.”


“Did Anubis say why he wanted Jonas?” Jack asked tightly.


“He had no need to explain himself,” Garek replied.  “Three of our council members were killed before we were forced to reveal Quinn’s location.”


Jack was enraged now.  “You told him where Jonas was?”


“They threatened us with the destruction of our city and eventually our planet,” Garek replied, clearly unnerved.  “There was nothing we could do.  Please . . . will you help us?”


Jack stood, fuming in rage for a few seconds, then willed himself to think.


“Understand,” he said after a few moments, “that what I am about to do isn’t for you.  It’s for a man whom I came to respect and who worked hard for that respect.”  He went to the phone on the wall and asked for Sam.


After a moment, she entered briskly, then stopped short at the sight of the Langarians.




Carter,” Jack said, “we’re going on a rescue mission.”


* * *


The effects of the zat gun wore off quickly.  Jonas came to as the Jaffa around him were dragging him down a side street nearer to the burning council building.  It was still dark, and Jonas assumed he had only been out for a few moments.  The pair of Jaffa dragging him realized he was awake, and hauled him roughly to his feet and shoved him in front of them, prodding him with a staff weapon to walk forward and follow the small group of Jaffa in front.  Thoughts racing through his head, Jonas wondered what was going on.  Why hadn’t any of the city guard appeared?  Had they been taken out in the initial attack?  And which Gould was it that seemed so keen on capturing him?


He tried to slow down, hanging back, but the painful jab from the staff weapon in his ribs threw him forward.  They had reached what appeared to be their final destination.  A large group of Jaffa waited in a circle in the middle of a wide street, and the Jaffa leading Jonas’ smaller group hailed them.


“We have found him,” he motioned to Jonas.  “Our master shall be most pleased.”


In the light of the small lamps that lined the streets, Jonas could now see the symbol tattooed on the warrior’s foreheads.  The outline of a jackal’s head—the symbol for Anubis.


There was not much time for Jonas to feel shock at this discovery.  Transportation rings settled down around him and the Jaffa guarding him, and brought them up to a Goa’uld mothership in a wave of light.


More weapons were aimed in Jonas’ face upon arrival, and he had no doubt now that these Jaffa did indeed serve Anubis.  Every one had the symbol of a jackal tattooed on their foreheads.


“What does Anubis want with me?” he demanded of the Jaffa standing next to him.


“Silence!”  The Jaffa on his right struck him across the face, nearly flattening him.   “Take him to Anubis,” the Jaffa ordered.


Several more Jaffa swarmed up and surrounded Jonas, lifting him and dragging him out of the circle down the hall.  Now that he knew who they were taking him to, Jonas did not want to go without a fight.


The Jaffa, however, sensed his rebellion the instant he started to pull back against their grip.  Faster even than Jonas had imagined, he was doubled up on the floor, a sharp blow to his solar plexus knocking the wind out of his lungs.  Staff weapons were aimed threateningly at his head.  Before he had a chance to recover, the guards had pulled him up and were dragging him down the corridor once again.  Not wanting to repeat the experience, Jonas reluctantly relented to their grip.


After a time of walking briskly down the maze of corridors within the gigantic ship, they entered a large room with windows that looked out into the stars.  It appeared they were traveling in hyperspace already, Jonas noted.  The stars were streaking by in long white bands of brilliance.


A black figure standing near the window turned to face them, the shifting features of darkness underneath the hood revealing no face, only an infinite nothingness that was a horror to those who had never before seen Anubis.  He had blended into the shadows of the room so well that Jonas did not see him until he turned.


“My lord,” a Jaffa behind Jonas murmured, bowing onto one knee, then stepping forward, clearly the leader of the guards.  The two warriors restraining Jonas pushed him roughly to his knees.


“We have done as you instructed,” the Jaffa continued.


“And you shall be rewarded,” Anubis replied.  “Bind him, then leave me.”


The Jaffa immediately twisted Jonas’ arms behind his back and wound a tight rope around his wrists.  Stepping back as one, they all bowed to Anubis again, then quietly disappeared from the room.  Jonas eyed Anubis distrustfully, wanting to stand, yet at the same time reluctant to do so.


Anubis stepped closer to Jonas.  Jonas Quinn,” he said simply, his voice reverberating deeply throughout the room with the alien quality of the Goa’uld.  “Do you know why you have been brought here?”


Jonas decided not to answer, sure that Anubis would enlighten him.


Anubis was standing in front of him now, a deep blackness that seemed powerful enough to suck in one who was not strong enough.  He seemed to be waiting for Jonas to answer.

“Do you know why you are here, Jonas Quinn?” Anubis asked again, his voice lower and darker than before.


“You tell me,” Jonas replied.


“Nirtii acquired valuable records,” Anubis said patiently, and the wheels in Jonas’ head started to turn faster.  “She possessed a large amount of information on you.”


“And I guess you found her stuff when you sifted through my brain over a year ago,” Jonas assumed.


“Naturally.”  Anubis loomed threateningly over Jonas, then turned and glided smoothly over to look out the window.  “What I found most intrigued me—even more than what I found she had told you.”


Starting to feel nervous, Jonas eyed the Gould and kept silent, waiting for him to explain.


“From you I learned that she had told you that you were an advanced human,” Anubis said.  “She wished to use you as a hok’taur.”


“If she did, she would have killed me,” Jonas replied, not bothering to enlighten the Gould about his near bout with death because of Nirtii.  “She was experimenting on people and killing them.”


“She left extensive notes on you before her demise,” Anubis continued.  “Apparently, you are the closest to a natural hok’taur in this generation.”


Raising an eyebrow, Jonas gave a look that meant, “So?”


Anubis must have been watching his reflection in the window, for he replied, “I require a new host.  The body that I inhabit is fading.  I have been too long out of reality.”


Something then seemed to register in Jonas’ brain, and in horror, he stared at Anubis.  “No,” he murmured, barely above a whisper.


The Gould turned, his empty face seeming to leer at Jonas’.  “I admit that you would not have been my first choice had there been any other, but you are unique, and in that regard, you have no choice.  I can always choose a new host when another such as yourself arises.  You, however, will make a powerful host.”


Jonas could do nothing but gape at Anubis, horror filling his mind.  Suddenly, something clicked, and he pushed himself to his feet, determination in his features.


“No.  This isn’t going to happen.”  He glared at Anubis.  “I don’t care what you do to me.  You can kill me for all I care.  I will never be your host.”


“You have no choice in the matter, Jonas Quinn,” Anubis replied confidently, “although I would rather have had you submit willingly.”  He moved to press a button on a nearby panel.  “You and all your abilities are mine.”


Jonas started forward, set to attack the system lord out of desperation, but at that moment, the guards returned, summoned by Anubis.  They immediately grabbed Jonas, forcing him back, then held him while he struggled desperately against their grip.


Anubis glided closer, looking at Jonas.


“You have a strong spirit like the rest of your kind,” he murmured, “but we shall not be joined just yet.  Take him.”


The guards pulled Jonas out of the room at Anubis’ command and marched him off to a holding cell, depositing him unceremoniously inside.  They did not bother to remove his bonds.


Sinking to his knees in despair, Jonas felt very much alone.  He knew no one would be coming for him.  The Joint Ruling Council would not have time to regroup, and they were still struggling to create a defense system for the capitol city, let alone having enough firepower to even consider coming after him.  It was a lost cause to even hope for a rescue.


* * *


“We’ve got to move, Daniel,” Jack called down the hall as he ran to the gate room.  SG-1 had assembled shortly after the Langarians had come with their news of Jonas Quinn’s capture and were now running in full gear to the gate room.


Daniel jammed a cap on his head, shuffling through the bag at his side as he ran.  Teal’c and Sam were already waiting in the gate room with SG teams 3 and 6.  Jack waited a few seconds for Daniel to gather himself together, then addressed the group.


“All right, people.  You’ve all been briefed.  This is a rescue mission only.  Be careful.  Let’s move.”


Cautiously, they entered the Stargate, and disappeared from the event horizon.


Jack had pulled several favors on their allies, the Tok’ra, who had informed Stargate Command that there was a small tel’tak they could borrow for the rescue mission.  The Tok’ra would meet them at Langara, and they had to come and get the ship and then fly it to Anubis’ last known position, which was still rather close to Langara’s solar system.


Jack had taken the opportunity as it stood, knowing that they might never get another chance.  Sam had estimated it would take them at least three hours to get to Anubis’ ship, and Jack knew that time was precious.  What Anubis wanted with their former SG-1 member, no one knew.  Daniel had guessed that the Gould wanted to sift through more information that Jonas held on Earth’s defenses, and if that was so, Jack knew that it was even more urgent that they get Jonas out of there as soon as possible.  They could not risk the system lord finding out more about Earth than he already knew.


The transition to the flight on the small Tok’ra ship was quick, and they were soon underway.  Jack pushed Teal’c to fly the ship as quickly as possible, growing more nervous by the hour that they may be too late.


“What would Anubis want with Jonas?” Sam mused after a while.


“We’ve all been trying to figure that out, Carter,” Jack said.  “Didn’t we have a two hour meeting on it while we were waiting for the Tok’ra to respond?”


“I know sir, it’s just . . . it’s just bugging me.”


“Well, maybe Anubis is trying to get more information out of him like he did when we destroyed his ship over a year ago,” Daniel suggested.


“You’d have thought he had all he wanted after all we went through,” Jack said.  “Didn’t we already go down this road anyway?”


“Perhaps it is a trap,” Teal’c offered.


“If it’s a trap, then this Gould is a lot smarter than the rest of them,” Jack commented.


“We already know that Anubis is smarter than the rest of the Goa’uld,” Daniel replied.  “Look at how fast he has been able to take out the rest of the system lords.  He has accomplished in a year what the rest of the Gould have been striving for for centuries.”


Jack shook his head.  “I just don’t like it.  I don’t like walking into situations like this without knowing why.”


“We’re rescuing a friend,” Sam said quietly.  “That’s why, sir, with all due respect.”


Jack looked away.  She had a point, but he still felt uneasy.


“How much further?”


“Two hours, sir.”


* * *


Jonas rammed himself against the shield imprisoning him in desperation, and was thrown throbbing in pain to the floor for his efforts.  He had tried repeatedly to break free of his bonds and the cell he had been placed in to no avail.  He was on the verge of hysteria.


As he lay, panting and exhausted on the floor, the ominous sound of marching feet approached, and he scrambled up, standing in a wide legged stance, preparing to go down fighting.


A group of a dozen Jaffa rounded the corner, all armed.  One stepped forward and lowered the shield to Jonas’ cell, and four of them advanced inside.


Jonas pretended to look docile, then, when the Jaffa made as though to grab him, he kicked high, hitting one of the guards in the stomach and doubling him over.  Teal’c’s training came in handy at times.  He ducked as another guard made a swing for him and rammed his shoulder into yet another guard’s stomach.  Two Jaffa now lay on the floor, but the fight went no further.  The guards waiting outside the cell quickly entered and overcame Jonas, beating him to the floor.  After a moment of cursing him angrily, they hauled him to his feet and dragged him down the corridor.  He struggled every step of the way.


Twenty minutes later, the Jaffa finally hauled Jonas into the room where he had met Anubis only a short time before.  All were frustrated and muttering curses at the struggle Jonas had put up.  Jonas was none the worse for wear, a cut above his eye and blood trickling from his nose.  He did not doubt he had bruises all over his body as well.


Anubis stood in the center of the room.


Jonas Quinn,” he said almost gently, as though rebuking a child.  “Why delay the inevitable?”


“Because I can,” Jonas grated out, glaring with as much disdain as he could at the Goa’uld.


“I had determined when I first met you that your physiology merited further experimentation,” Anubis stated, seeming to look directly at Jonas.  “Alas, for I could never bring back Nirtii to continue her efforts to make a pure hok’taur, but you are the closest I can get to this next step in our evolution.”


Anubis slowly glided forward towards Jonas, then motioned to his guards.  Around him, the Jaffa guards tensed, and gripped him tighter, then forced him to his knees on the floor.  Jonas refused to break his gaze with the Goa’uld, determined to keep his rebellion until the last moment.


“Your insurgence amuses me, Jonas Quinn,” Anubis said with interest.  “I shall not have you just yet.  I wish to see how far you can go before you can be broken . . . and then I shall make you greater than any human being in the universe.”


“No!” Jonas wrenched against the Jaffa’s grip.


Anubis turned to a console near the window and pressed a button.  “Firek.”


A moment later, a man with dark hair and eyes and bearing the sign of Anubis on his forehead entered the room, a long black cloak draped over his left arm.  He carried a small box in his hand, and smiled when he saw Jonas.


“So this is the young man,” he said softly.  His voice was free of the alien quality of a Goa’uld, and Jonas had a feeling the man served as a sort of First Prime to Anubis.  “Are you certain, my lord,” he addressed Anubis, “that you wish me to carry this experiment out now?  If you lose him, there may not be another for many years.”


“Do it.”  The coldness in Anubis’ voice raised the hairs on the back of Jonas’ neck.


“What are you going to do to me?” Jonas demanded.


Firek opened the small black box in his hand and analyzed its contents.  “We’re going to make you even better for your god,” he said.  “We must do this before you are joined to insure our lord’s survival.  If you live, we will know that you are worthy to become his host.  Hold him tight.”


The death grip on Jonas’ arms tightened even further, and he was sure the blood flow had been cut off in his arms.  One of the guards grabbed the back of his head and wrenched it back so far that Jonas felt his neck crack.


Firek withdrew a small, cylinder-shaped device, then detached what looked to be two small memory devices and approached Jonas.  Taking the small circles between thumb and forefinger, he pressed them against Jonas’ temples, where they punched into his skull.  The pain was so sharp and sudden that Jonas felt sick.


Nothing happened at first, and Jonas only concentrated on not throwing up.  Then, without warning, light streamed into his mind.  It was the best way to describe the sensation.  A continuous outpouring of energy filled his mind to overflowing, then continued to fill every crack and crevice.  There was no more room for thought, no more room for anything, yet the light continued.


“It will take some time for all of the information to upload itself,” Firek explained to Anubis.  “It is the entire library of the Goa’uld system lords and all of the races that we have encountered that we are downloading into his mind.  It is more information than has been tried on different subjects before, comparable to the Ancient’s technology device we have been trying to obtain, yet, obviously, on a much smaller scale.”


They watched as Jonas struggled silently against the Jaffa’s grasp around him, not realizing what he was doing.  His eyes were wide open and blank, nearly rolled back in their sockets.  Every muscle in his body was rigid, and he trembled violently under the onslaught of information.


The ordeal lasted into eternity in Jonas’ mind, for he had lost all sense of time and sanity.


* * *


“Okay people,” Jack said softly, “We’re coming up on it.”


A massive Goa’uld mothership loomed ominously before them in space.  They approached under the cover of the convenient stealth mode installed on the tiny tel’tak.  Teal’c deftly maneuvered the ship underneath the belly of the mothership and Jack, Sam and Daniel gathered their gear together.


SG-1 and 3 ringed up to the mothership, transporting into the middle of an empty corridor.  They spread out, taking cover and watching for any signs of roaming Jaffa, alert to each other’s movements.  Having spent so many years together, the SG-1 team almost could guess what the other was thinking and was about to do before the action was carried out.  In this way, they made their way carefully through the great mothership, avoiding the Jaffa guards and steering clear of heavily populated areas.  SG-3 stayed near the rings in order to secure their getaway.


“He’ll probably be in the middle area of the ship, on deck five,” Daniel suggested.


“Makes sense,” Sam nodded.  “That’s where we usually end up when we get captured.”


“All right, Daniel, Teal’c, let’s split up,” Jack ordered.  “Sam, you’re with me.”


Daniel and Teal’c were the first to find Jonas.  Teal’c motioned for Daniel to drop back and cover him while the Jaffa made a swift and deadly attack against the three guards near Jonas’ cell.  The guards were out before they knew what was happening.


Jonas was sitting on the floor in the back of the cell, but jumped to his feet at the commotion, walking unsteadily over to the shielded entrance.


Jonas Quinn, are you well?” Teal’c asked, deactivating the shield as Daniel ran up.


Jonas was unable to speak, but nodded in relief, his knees giving out from under him.  Teal’c grabbed him around the waist and helped him walk from the cell.


“We’ve got to move,” Daniel whispered.  “This place is crawling with Jaffa.”


“Can you walk?” Teal’c asked.


“I think so,” Jonas answered.  “You have no idea how happy I am to see you guys.  I thought I was a goner.”


“We’re not out of the woods yet,” Daniel commented, holding his zat gun at the ready.  “Let’s go.  We have to find Jack and Sam.”


Jonas seemed strangely weak, but said nothing about his ordeal to Teal’c or Daniel.  Daniel put an arm around his shoulders and led him down the winding passageways behind Teal’c.  Contacting the rest of their teammates by radio, they finally met up with Jack and Sam.  Sam hugged Jonas, delighted to see him again.  Jack nodded grimly, unable to submit to any friendly acts towards Jonas in their dire situation.  The first and foremost thing on his mind was getting his teams out safely.


Before they could move back to the rings, however, Jonas collapsed again.  Daniel barely caught him, and Teal’c added his shoulder to Daniel, helping to keep Jonas on his feet.


“What’d they do to you?” Jack asked.


Jonas said nothing at first, so Daniel answered, “We don’t know.  He’s been pretty weak since we found him.”


Anubis . . . put stuff in my head . . .” Jonas attempted faintly.


“What kind of stuff?” Jack demanded.


“I don’t know,” Jonas moaned.  “There’s too much of it . . . I feel like I have the knowledge of a thousand races in my head and I don’t exactly know how to access it or get it out.”


“Do you think Anubis used the Ancient’s memory upload device on him?” Sam asked.


“Why use it on Jonas when he could use it himself?” Daniel pointed out.


Jonas Quinn, do you know why Anubis would do this to you?” Teal’c asked.


Jonas shook his head.  “We have to leave.  You have to get me out of here.  He wants me, he doesn’t want you.”


Jack decided to wait and ask questions later.  “Let’s move, people.”


They were radioed minutes before they reached their rendezvous coordinates with SG-3.


Our position’s been compromised,” they were informed.  Weapon’s fire sounded in the background.  We’re coming back to you.  There’s another ring down the hall.  The ship’s going to meet us there.


“Change of plans, people,” Jack announced.  “Let’s move.”  They doubled back and turned down a different hallway.


They were surprised by a small band of Jaffa warriors who opened fire on them immediately as they rounded the corner.  The blue fire from zat guns lit the hallway, narrowly missing SG-1.  They took cover behind the large bulkheads of the ship, firing back in retaliation.  Teal’c tossed Jonas his staff weapon, and the Kelnowan took aim at the Jaffa.  Daniel, Teal’c, and Jonas ended up in the doorway to what appeared to be a ring transportation room.  No one was inside, and Teal’c and Daniel attempted to provide cover fire for Jack and Sam so they could get across.  The Jaffa’s attack was relentless, however, and gave them no opportunity to move.


“We might be able to get ourselves reinforcements,” Daniel said to Jonas.  “We still have SG-5 on the tel’tak.”


Teal’c covered the entrance while the pair attempted to activate the rings.  “They’re only accepting commands that transport within the ship, from floor to floor,” Jonas said after analyzing the ring controls.  Anubis must have figured out you came by ship.”


“Ring us to another level!” Jack commanded, his P-90 blasting away at the Jaffa.  Daniel took command of the ring controls, transporting Teal’c and Jonas up three levels.  Sam and Jack were quick to follow, and Daniel ducked inside the rings just before they disappeared in a wash of light.


Teal’c and Jonas ducked into a dark hallway, scouting out the premises while waiting for the rest of the team.  A passing guard was zatted by Teal’c when he spotted the silent pair, but other than the one guard, the level appeared to be deserted.  The rest of SG-1 ringed up and joined them, weapons ready.


“SG-3 was able to ring off ship,” Jack informed them.  “I guess we were locked out right when they left.  They went down the opposite corridor from us.”


“I think I can override the system and get us off of here,” Sam said.


“Do it,” Jack ordered.


Sam scrambled to the ring’s control panel and deftly removed the cover.  The light from the crystals inside illuminated the room, and she set to work.


“Plan, anybody?” Daniel asked.


“We need to come up with something fast,” Jonas replied.  Anubis’ guards come around here every seven minutes.  If we move up a level, they only patrol the area every ten minutes.”


Jack raised an eyebrow.  “And how would you happen to know that?”


“The prisoner cells are three levels down from here,” Teal’c commented.  “You could not know this Jonas Quinn, unless you—”


“Unless I was in league with the enemy, maybe?” Jonas cut Teal’c off.  “I don’t know how I know.  It isn’t like there is a Goa’uld dictionary out there that tells me these things, I just . . . I just know.”


Silence met the young man as the rest of his former team looked at him skeptically.


“Look, you’re just going to have to take me on faith with this one,” Jonas went on.  “Maybe it has something to do with what Anubis did to me.”


“Yes, what did he do to you?” Jack asked.


“I don’t know!” Jonas shook his head.  “There was this device they put on my head, and then I don’t remember anything else.  I woke up in that cell where you found me.  That’s the last thing I remember.”


Jack still looked at him, brow furrowed, then said, “Well, we’ll get you checked out once we get back to Stargate Command.”


“There is still the possibility that Anubis can track us within his ship,” Teal’c quietly reminded them.  “We must be cautious.”


“Sir!  I think I’ve got it!” Sam exclaimed, looking delightfully into the ring control panel.


At that moment, Anubis’ guards marched around the corner and stood in the doorway, their weapons drawn and ready.  Jack and Teal’c moved lightening fast, their weapons aimed right back at the Jaffa.  Daniel crouched next to Jonas, unmoving, staring wide eyed at the Jaffa.


At the head of this certain group of Jaffa was one of Anubis’ ultimate warriors, his black uniform seeming to drink in any light that touched it.  In a metallic voice reeking of vileness, the warrior said, “Hand over the Kelnowan and you will not be harmed.”


“And if we don’t?” Jack asked.


Without hesitating, the warrior raised his left arm and aimed it at Sam.  A blue bolt of energy shot out from a weapon on his wrist and wrapped itself around Sam before dissipating.  She slumped, lifeless, to the floor.  The bolt of energy looked very much like a zat gun, and Jack hoped that that was indeed what it was.


“Hey!  I thought you said you wouldn’t harm us!” Jack protested.


“She is not injured,” the warrior responded mechanically.  “She will be, however, as will you and the rest of those with you if you do not surrender him to us.”  He nodded directly at Jonas.  Jonas unconsciously shrank back from the unseen gaze beneath the warrior’s helmet.


Jack’s stall for time did not seem to work.  It was a no win situation.  Suddenly, as though the hand of an angel had brushed across the doorway to the ring transportation room, a golden shield blazed up over the entrance, blocking the Jaffa from SG-1.  The Jaffa immediately opened fire, then half of the troops ran around to the other entrance.  A shield had risen over that one as well.


Sam had risen unseen in the background, and, having been shot many times by zat guns and used to their shock, had recovered from its effects fairly quickly.


“I don’t know how long this is going to hold,” she said faintly, her hands working inside the ring control panel.


“Let’s use what time we’ve got to get out of here,” Jack ordered.


They filed inside of the rings, and, just as the familiar glow began to flicker about their feet, the shield gave way.  The Jaffa stormed in, Anubis’ warrior at their head.  With a well aimed blast of energy from his wrist, he shot Jonas in the left shoulder.  The blast was enough to knock Jonas out of the ring’s circle, and the last SG-1 saw of him as the rings settled over them, he was lying flat on his back on the floor, his shoulder smoking.  Horrified at what had happened, they could barely restrain themselves from rushing out of the deadly rings, and then the light took them.


“We have to go back,” Daniel said, as soon as they materialized on the tel’tak.


“I know,” Jack replied.  “But we can’t go back there.  We have to find another way in.”  As much as SG-1 wanted to return, they knew the risks.


Jack ordered the tel’tak to remain cloaked, and they followed the gigantic mothership, stubborn to the fact that the one that they came to rescue still remained elusive.


Strangely enough, the mothership turned in its path and headed towards a nearby planet.  Cautiously following the gigantic ship, they were surprised to see the pyramid shaped portion of the mothership detach itself from the rest of the ship and land on the surface of the planet on top of a mammoth stone pyramid in the midst of a rainforest.  Jack ordered the tel’tak to be set down a few clicks east of the pyramid, then SG-1 set off to scout out the mothership.


When they arrived, they were surprised to see several Jaffa guards emerge, along with a unit of Anubis’ warriors.  SG-1 positioned themselves along a wide, tree covered hill, well camouflaged from the sight of anyone below.


A Stargate was positioned near the pyramid, and the guards formed ranks and lined the walkway to the Stargate.  Anubis’ warriors stood near the gate.  One of the Jaffa activated the Stargate, then stood at attention facing the pyramid.


“It appears Anubis is leaving the ship,” Teal’c whispered to Jack.


“What’s the old boy up to?” Jack mused.  He tapped Daniel on the shoulder.  “Can you make out the destination symbols?”


“I’ll try.”  Daniel peered over the top of the hill with his binoculars.


“Sir, what if they’re trying to take Jonas somewhere?” Sam asked Jack.  “They could be using the Stargate because it can get them somewhere far away faster than the ship.”


“I was just thinking that, Carter.”  Jack dug through the knapsack he had brought with them.  “That’s why I brought these.”  He held up a handful of Goa’uld stun grenades.  “They’re in the perfect position.  We can just roll them down the hill, take out anyone down there, grab Jonas, and hightail it out of here.”


“I hope it will be that easy,” Daniel commented.


* * *


“It was not good of you to try and escape,” Anubis said.


Jonas stood before the Goa’uld yet again, this time, terrified.  His shoulder wound had been healed by a sarcophagus, and he was brought to Anubis’ room almost immediately.


“It is time to finish what has been started,” Anubis said, walking slowly, yet deliberately, towards Jonas.  “Willing or not, you will become my host.”

“No,” Jonas whispered.


“I will do great things through you,” Anubis said softly, stopping directly in front of Jonas and reaching out a black gloved hand, stopping just before he reached Jonas’ face.


“No,” Jonas pleaded desperately.  This couldn’t be happening.


Anubis leaned closer.  “Do not resist your god.”


He touched Jonas’ forehead gently, and Jonas screamed.


It was a scream of pain and despair.  It seemed to go on forever as Anubis poured all of himself into the young man, ripping his soul to pieces and replacing it with the blackness that was Anubis.


* * *


“Look alive, people,” Jack whispered.  Their long wait had paid off.  It appeared that Anubis was emerging.


“Now!” Jack signaled.  Sam, Teal’c, and Daniel threw their grenades down the hill, and once the shockwave had passed, began racing down to the Stargate after Jack.


Chaos ensued.  The Jaffa guards went down immediately, while the warriors leapt to the attention of their lord.  Anubis did not go down, protected from the shockwave by his warriors, but instead, the hood of his cloak was flung back in the mayhem.


Jonas Quinn stared back at them, his eyes seemingly darker than they had been before.  His Kelnowan uniform was gone, replaced by the black garments of Anubis.


Surprised by the change, SG-1 came to a sudden stop, just meters away from Jonas.  Sam and Jack had their guns raised, and Daniel followed suit with his handgun.  Teal’c raised his staff weapon.


Jonas simply stood there, staring at them, a cold, empty look in his eyes.  He raised his left hand towards them, the gold bands of the Goa’uld healing device wrapped around his forearm, and the ruby on his palm glowing threateningly.


Jonas?” Sam asked.


Jonas turned his eyes to her, then spoke.  “The Jonas Quinn you once knew is now gone.”  His voice had changed, turning deep and warped by the Goa’uld symbiote that SG-1 now knew well.  “I am Anubis.”  Jonas’ eyes glowed, and then he smiled, a chilling, malevolent smile.  “Isn’t it ironic, tauri, that without you, he would never have come to my attention, and he might have been spared this . . . but now,” he chuckled, “there is nothing you can do.”


The man they had once known as Jonas Quinn turned from them, lowering his arm and ignoring their weapons.  He began walking purposefully towards the Stargate, the warriors falling into step with him.


Jack cocked his gun.  “What makes you think we’re just going to let you leave?”


The Goa’uld turned, looking at the Colonel.  He said nothing, but at an unseen command, the warriors flanked around him, a living shield.  Bullets would not kill them, SG-1 well knew, but Jack opened fire, blasting at the warriors.  They kept moving without missing step and disappeared through the Stargate.


Jonas turned once to look at them when he arrived at the threshold of the gate.  Jack could not have been certain, but there appeared to be a hint of pain in his eyes.  The look was gone almost as soon as it had appeared, and Jonas – no, AnubisJack had to remind himself – disappeared.  The event horizon dissipated, then all was silent.


Jack, Sam, Daniel, and Teal’c looked at each other with grim expressions on their faces.  They had lost another friend to the Goa’uld.  This time, it appeared, the enemy had more information on them than they knew they could deal with.  Jonas was the perfect host, having served with SG-1 for a year and knowing just about everything there was to know about Earth’s defenses and the Stargate Command project.  Nirtii herself had claimed that Jonas would have been a powerful host, and Teal’c confirmed this by his knowledge of the Goa’uld.  Anubis before was hard enough to deal with.  Now, having taken Jonas as a host, Anubis was going to be an enemy that they could not hope to beat.


With that realization, Jack whispered aloud, “God help us all.”