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Author's Note: I never saw all of the show's episodes, but the beginning stories intrigued me. This story is the result.

G – angst, Word count - 980


How the fourth season should have ended. The fifth should never have happened, and I was quite unhappy with what the writers did to this wonderful show.

PG-13 – angst, dark themes, Word count - 936


A short, Shakespearian sonnet I wrote after Liam Kincaid died.

G – Word count - 92


Taking place before John realizes he has the neural chip in his skull, he encounters Scorpius once again.  The old boy is still after the wormhole knowledge, and a prelude of Scorpius’ favorite toys is revealed.

PG-13—violence, action, angst, Word count—3,355


Missing scene and tag for “Liars, Guns, and Money Part 3: Plan B.”  What was John doing before D’Argo and Jothee walked in at the end of the episode, and what was D’Argo’s reaction to John’s plea?  SPOILERS

PG-13—angst, mild violence, dark themes, spoilers for “Liars, Guns, and Money Part 3: Plan B,” season 2, Word count—1,086


Ethan is still at large, and attacks Jack once more.

PG-13 – tag to “All the Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues,” major spoilers for “All the Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues,” season 1, violence, action, angst, hurt/comfort, Word count – 1,307


My first Pretender fic.  Jarod finds someone he thinks may be his cousin, but Miss Parker is not far from finding him.  Warning: You may not be satisfied with this ending.
PG – action, minor violence, Word count – 2,773

Jarod has three missing weeks of time lost in his life, happening the year before he escaped from the Centre.  What really did happen in those three weeks in October?

PG-13—action, violence, angst, spoiler, “Back from the Dead Again,” season two, word count – 3,013

A short story set after season 3.  You have to know your Superman history to read this one.
PG – angst, action, minor character deaths, minor violence, Word count – 3,551
Author's Note: I do not consider Star Wars science fiction, yet since it is a fan fiction piece that could have the potential to be sci fi . . . here it is.  It was inspired after I read of the death of Chewbacca.  I have not read another Star Wars novel since.

PG – angst, dark themes, Word count - 662