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Stargate: Atlantis Fan Fiction

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Sheppard talks to the wraith.  Part 1

PG – missing scene, spoilers from “Poisoning the Well,” season 1, Word count – 723


Stranger things have happened.  Part 2

PG – mild violence, missing scene, spoilers from “Poisoning the Well,” season 1, Word count – 1,109


The Atlantis team is captured on a hostile world.

PG-13 – action, violence, hurt/comfort, Word count – 4,119


Sheppard is captured by the wraith and must make his escape on his own.

PG-13 – action, violence, Word count – 6,105


A short, purely action piece on Sheppard’s flight from the Wraith, inspired by the piece "Escape from Mantua," from the Romeo and Juliet soundtrack.  Basically plotless, but if you like action, you should like this.

PG – action, minor violence, word count – 863


What would happen if the wraith came to Atlantis?

PG – future fic, action, violence, angst, character deaths, minor spoilers from “The Rising” and “Poisoning the Well,” season 1, Word count – 861


McKay and Sheppard are trapped in a jumper in dire condition with no hope for a rescue.
PG-13 - violence, angst, action, Word count - 5,207

Written especially for the Checkett shippers!  For those of you who don’t know, Checkett is a Beckett/The Chair shipper.  No matter what Dr. Carson Beckett seems to do, he always ends up with The Chair . . .

G – humor, Word count – 2,294


When the Atlantis team finds an old Wraith dart in the ocean, whales and whumping occur.
G - humor, action, Word count - 2,270