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Stargate: SG-1 Fan Fiction

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Alternate universe.  Taking place before the end of the seventh season, SG-1 must rescue an old friend from the clutches of Anubis.

PG-13 – action, violence, angst, Word count – 6,853


A short poem dedicated to the Stargate.
Word count - 96
One of the members of SG-1 is implanted with a Goa'uld.
PG-13 – violence, action, angst, hurt/comfort, Word count – 8,446
A short fic on how Teal'c learned to drive.  I got the idea from "Smoke and Mirrors."

G – Humor, preseason 6, Word count – 1,369


A response to a challenge on the Stargate FanFiction site.  Martouf's last thoughts at the end of "Divide and Conquer."
PG - angst, violence, major spoilers from "Divide and Conquer," season 4, Word count - 364
So how did Jonas get his special foreseeing ability in “Prophecy?”  This is my version.

PG-13 – disturbing images, violence, missing scene, major spoilers from “Metamorphosis” and “Prophecy,” season 6, Word count – 1,380


An alien escapes from Stargate Command, and it's up to SG-1 to find him.

PG – humor, mild violence, action, Word count – 1,972


The team finds it can be hard to communicate with another race.

PG-13 – action, violence, angst, Word count – 4,716


My first and probably only shipper fic.

PG—Sam/Jack, mild violence, angst, death of major character, Word count—496