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The Heroine

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by KJC






She was never really aware that she possessed powers some only dreamed of—at least, until the day they found her.


Her parents had been killed long ago, when she was only a baby.  She never knew what exactly had happened, but in her father’s will, he had requested that she be sent to an academy deep in the mountains of the Orient.  There, she learned the Japanese, Korean, and Chinese languages, was tutored by the wisest men in the East, and mastered the martial arts.  Her mentors had told her she was special, but she did not know just how special.


Her teachers marveled at her ability to memorize and learn.  Her mental capacities were beyond that of the normal human being.  Her physical and mental endurance was beyond that of all of her teachers.  In a short time, she surpassed the wisest and strongest of any teacher that was provided her.


They found her on the streets of Tokyo.  Trying to lure her to reveal her powers, they staged a fight.  Shocked at the bloodshed she saw, she did not interfere, surprising them.  A short time later, they tried to capture her.  She managed to elude them, slipping through their numbers as though they were not there.  They were amazed, and began to try harder.


Slowly, she began to understand why they were chasing her, why they wanted her.  They tried every scenario they could to capture her, holding innocent people hostage, destroying villages . . . but she managed to outwit them every time, saving the lives of the people that they did not care about.


Once, they were able to confront her.  The very sight of her was strange enough.  She dressed in black, her hair as dark as night whipping around her face in the wind of aftershock of a bomb.  Her eyes matched her hair, and she glared at them, crouched defensively, every muscle alive and ready to spring at the slightest hint of danger.  Her face was angelic, yet full of the ferocity of a mountain lion at the same time.


“You have a gift,” they told her.


“This gift is a curse,” she replied.  “You are using it against me to hurt other people.”


“It would only end if you would submit to us.”


“No.”  She shook her head vehemently.  “You would just exploit me.  You would use it to destroy everything.”


“You are an advanced human, the next small step towards a better life for the human race.  Your gifts would help to better the cause of the people of the world.”


“I am a mistake,” she spat.  “A fluke.  This wasn’t supposed to happen.”


“You have advanced learning capabilities.  You have the capacity to learn every bit of knowledge this world has to offer and more.  Your physical structure is the closest to perfection the human body can get.  You are—in essence—a super soldier and a super human.”


“No.  Never.  It will never be.”


She managed to elude them for the remainder of her life, but that time was short.  Her time spent saving those who never knew her cut her life in half, and one day, she stopped, unable to go any further.  Her great heart had been used up.


They found her lying at the edge of a cliff overlooking the ocean, her eyes staring out across the water towards the horizon.  A small smile was frozen on her lips, and they knew she had found her freedom from them at last.