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Missing Scene from "Metamorphosis"

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August 4, 2004


by KJC


Jonas entered Nirrti’s chamber led by Egar and Woden.  Nirrti stood at her console, watching as they placed Jonas in the genetic manipulation device.  He stood on the flat circular platform, waiting.

“We have not met,” Nirrti began.

“No, but I have heard a lot about you,” Jonas replied.

Nirrti glanced at Egar, and he lowered his eyes, submissive to his “goddess.” 

“You are not human,” she addressed Jonas.

“I’m human,” Jonas replied.  “I’m just not from Earth. A Goa’uld like yourself took my ancestors from Earth thousands of years ago and enslaved them.”

“Sadly it was not I.”

The Goa’uld activated the machine, and the DNA strands defining Jonas’ essence floated around him in a colorful helix.  Surprisingly, the pain Jonas thought that he would feel did not come.  The air around him seemed to feel statically charged with energy, however.

Nirrti frowned at her console, then looked at Jonas, an eerie light entering her eyes.  “Those few thousand years on another world have changed you more than you know.”

Jonas waited, but Nirrti said no more.  After a time, she stepped down and approached him, producing a small memory device.

Immediately, Jonas recognized it from the reports he had read at SG Command.

“What are you going to do?” he demanded suspiciously.

Nirrti smiled.  “You will not remember, so why should I bother with enlightening you?”

Jonas realized his heart was beating a little faster.  Anxiety.  He willed himself to calm down, deducting what she was going to do.

“Are you going to wipe my memory?” he asked.

“For a time,” Nirrti replied.  She reached through the whirling strands of light and placed the memory device on his temple before he could react.  Pain seemed to punch through his head like a nail being driven in by a well aimed blow from a hammer.  Reflexively, he recoiled, hitting what appeared to be a shield behind him.  He knew what the memory device would feel like, for SG-1 had described them to great detail in their reports, yet it still didn’t prepare him enough for the actual experience.

Nirrti deactivated the device, then approached him.  “Submit to me,” she said to him.

“What?” Jonas felt like the memory device was clouding his senses.  He felt dizzy.

Nirrti placed her hands on his shoulders, and her eyes glowed.  “I am not as cold hearted as some may think,” she murmured.  “I give you a choice.  Willingly become my host, and I will allow you freedom of your mind.  Just to think that my host is one such as you is enough for me to relent and give you freedom of mind.  You would have long life, perhaps even eternally—”

Jonas pushed her away, trying to overcome the cloudiness in his mind and vision.  “No.”

Her eyes twitched angrily, and she scowled, staring at him for a long time.

Finally, she turned away.  “Very well.  Take him away.”

Egar and Woden appeared from a corner and took Jonas by the arms, pulling him off of the platform.

“Wait.”  Nirrti put her hand up as they reached the door, and Egar and Woden froze.  Slowly, they turned to face the Goa’uld.  She knelt behind her observation area and took out what looked to be a very long and very nasty syringe.  She crossed the floor to Jonas, who shrank back as he gazed at the needle.


Nirrti motioned towards Egar and Woden, and they took a firmer grip on Jonas, who began to struggle as he realized the needle was meant for him.  As Nirrti armed the syringe with a small capsule, Jonas wrenched violently against his captors.  The men slammed him up against the wall and held him in place as Nirrti approached.


“You may have resisted me this once, Jonas,” she said, “but I will give you one more chance after you have seen.”  She looked at Woden.  “Hold his head.”


Suddenly, Jonas felt an unseen force pushing on his head.  As he resisted it, knowing it was Woden’s telepathic powers at work, it became stronger, and forced his head to press up against the back of the wall behind him.  Jonas could feel the start of real panic beginning to build as he realized he could not move a centimeter.


Carefully, and almost gently, Nirrti put her right hand on Jonas’ shoulder, the syringe in her left hand, then more quickly than the eye could follow, she plunged the needle into the base of Jonas’ skull within the hairline.


Nothing could have prepared him for the pain he felt then.  Jonas gasped, jerking at Woden’s invisible hold, and would have collapsed if the guards had not been holding onto him.  Nirrti still held the needle, watching as the liquid was slowly drained into Jonas’ system.


Then Jonas began to shake, slightly at first, and then more violently and more frequently as Nirrti withdrew the needle.  He began hyperventilating, his eyes clouded from the pain.  A small trickle of blood ran from his nose.


“Be still, Jonas,” Nirrti murmured.  “This is only the beginning.  Soon you shall know, and you shall see all that is yet to be.  Perhaps then, you will change your mind.”


The world tilted and slid sideways.


“As soon as he wakes I will remove the memory device,” Nirrti informed her guards.  “He will remember nothing but what transpired before this.”

* * *

Jonas came to in a different room and realized he was lying on a bed.  Before opening his eyes, he searched his mind, trying to remember how he got there.  Nothing.  The last thing he remembered was standing in the genetic manipulation chamber.  Right now, all he knew was that it felt as though he was getting a headache.

He opened his eyes and saw Nirrti sitting on a chair a short distance away from him.

“Why did you bring me here?” Jonas demanded of Nirrti.  He pulled a small pillow out from under his arm and tossed it to the side.

“Because you are different,” she answered, sitting up.

“How’s that?” Jonas ignored her as she stood and walked towards him, sitting next to him on the bed.

“You are much closer than the others. With my help you could complete the transformation.”

Jonas was incredulous, but kept his voice calm.  “And end up looking like those others?”

“No, I assure you,” she purred.  “You must know that you are capable of much more than the petty tasks that life among the Tau’ri can offer.”

“I like my life the way it is.”

Nirrti could sense she was losing the upper hand.  “I could make you more powerful than you could imagine.  Powers you have seen in Woden and the others . . . Only a fraction of what I could give you.”

Jonas frowned, but then thought of entertaining the Goa’uld—momentarily, of course.  “Well that is definitely the most interesting offer I’ve had in a very long time, but you can’t risk giving me those kind of powers unless you’re certain I won’t use them against you.”

“Once I share those powers we could rule the galaxy together.”

“What about everyone else?” Jonas asked.

Nirrti waved her hand.  “They are not necessary.”

Jonas felt like laughing, but managed to keep the same tone of voice, utterly serious.  “Well, I can only imagine what it would be like to have powers like that.  What would I do?  I guess the first thing I would do would be to free my friends and all those other people you have caged up down there, and then I would destroy you.  Not necessarily in that order, but you get the idea.”

Angrily, Nirrti threw Jonas off of the bed, depositing him unceremoniously on the floor.

“Take him away and bring O’Neill,” she ordered Woden, then directed her gaze at Jonas.  “Once you have seen what has already happened to the others perhaps you will change your mind.”

Anger crossed Nirrti’s face as she sat back from Jonas, and her eyes glowed.  She waved Woden forward and he took Jonas by the arm, turning him towards the door.


Jonas began to feel a headache coming on, but he had never felt more relieved in his life as he headed back to his cell.