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Espionage: Earth

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 by KJC



The day the United States seemed to drop from the face of the Earth was the day that everything changed.

All the satellites dropped from orbit, and any that were not found smashed and destroyed on the ground were found not to be working.  Internet functions and more ceased to exist.  Of course, attempts were made to get more satellites into orbit, but all efforts failed.  The satellites would disappear or immediately go dead.

Frustrated, Earth grew dark and sullen.  Leaders from many countries met and discussed what should be done but came to no peaceful conclusions.

The U.S. had dropped all communications with the rest of the world.  No airplane flights went to the U.S.  The borders of the U.S. were impassable; all were stopped from crossing into the country by an unseen force.  There was no inconceivable way to communicate or enter into the United States of America.

Then the people of the world started noticing other things.  There were no Americans to be found in any part of the world, not even tourists.  People from all countries started disappearing, only a few here and there.  The disappearances continued for a month, and then stopped.

The whole event was too strange, too unreal.  The people of the world thought only one action was available.  If the Americans would not communicate, then perhaps a little force would reveal what they were up to.

Bombers were sent over the U.S.  Their attempts failed.  They disappeared without a trace.  Guided missiles were sent.  They too disappeared without impacting.

All the people of Earth could do was sit back and wait to see what the Americans would do.  Life went on as before, though the usual necessities were long gone.  The people adapted, learned to live simpler.

Years went by, and it seemed normal to have a large country that had disappeared on Earth.  The people still wondered, but they did not do anything about it.  War was breaking out, a World War for what purposes this document shall not say, but at the least, it was the worst war seen in Earth’s history.

On the day that France became a bombed out wasteland the U.S. reemerged.  It was not loudly, but very softly and without grandeur.  They made their presence known in the air, soaring in great silent aircraft, the likes of which were never before seen by those few who did see the shadowy figures.  Their dark ominous presence was felt by all.  The people of Earth knew the U.S. had come out of hiding, and whatever they had in mind could not be good.

Fiery capsules were seen hurtling from the strange aircraft to the Earth’s surface and rapidly burying themselves deep into the crust.  The people of Earth did not know that the capsules were on a rapid track to the core of Earth, speeding to where the destruction of the planet would occur unseen.

Some, not knowing destruction was near, looked up into a black, starry sky and saw two moons.  A larger and rapidly receding moon dwarfed the moon that had been a familiar sight to human eyes.

Earth’s destruction was not immediate, but it was imminent in a slow grandeur.  The American pilots who laid down the bombs across Earth’s surface watched from the moon as Earth broke up, turning red and black in torment, her days of harboring humans over.  In a final twist of agony, Earth broke apart and went dark.

The American pilots turned away from the remnants of Earth and joined a large rotating sphere shaped space station waiting behind the moon.  Inside were the sole survivors of Earth, millions of people from all countries, those who had disappeared around the beginning of the United State’s disappearance.

The space station could easily travel as a spaceship as well, and as soon as the pilot’s had rejoined the station, the white sphere set off into the stars.  They left their solar system and their dead planet behind them.

The documents say there were leaders who agreed that war had come too far on Earth for the planet to survive much longer, and so people were gathered who would agree to an imminent nomad life.  Other documents record that the Americans were a power hungry nation who destroyed Earth for their own reasons.  No one shall know for sure, for the great space station Earth has left its home galaxy and is still travelling, holding its secrets inside in the minds of the surviving humans.