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It wasn’t supposed to be this way.  Luke knew that.  Mara, his wife, knew that.  After Ben had been born, everything was normal.  They were a happy family.  Then Kiara was born.  She was different: stronger, smarter, harder to control.  Luke knew she would be a challenge.  Ben was strong, but he followed the rules.  Kiara would bend the rules to her will.


She was headstrong, but she loved her family.  She was loyal to the light side of the Force, but Luke feared that his children would be introduced to the dark side of Force, and one day, it did happen.


Derren stole Kiara.  He was strong in the dark side, so strong, in fact, that when he took Kiara, Luke knew there was no way to get her back.  Derren slipped through a portal into another time.  He knew the Force so well he could bend time to his will.


Kiara was only eight.


Mara and Luke mourned for their daughter, wondering every day what had become of her.  Those were trying times.


Then Kiara came back.  No one recognized her.  She was wild, like an animal, older, taller, beautiful . . . but Luke knew it was her, though it had been nearly ten years.  The aura of the Force around her was strong enough to make one who was weak in the Force realize that she was a power to be reckoned with.


She did not recognize anyone.  She claimed that she escaped from Derren and tried to find her way back for years.  Then the Yuuzhan Vong came.  In her time, they had come in much the same way as they appeared in Luke’s time.  She had completely destroyed them in her time, for, she said, they had killed everyone she had ever known.


Kiara could not be stopped once the Yuuzhan Vong started the killing.  Chewie was the first to die under the Yuuzhan Vong, then Anakin.  Kiara went into a rage when she heard of Anakin’s death.  Luke could not stop her.  No one could.  She was powerful.


Kiara became a legend to the Yuuzhan Vong.  They were powerful, yes, but she had appeared into their midst and killed seven hundred of their strongest warriors in one day with no injury to herself.  They did not understand it.


In their eyes, she was a regal and powerful goddess.  She bristled at the mention of being a goddess.  “No one can be God,” she said.  “There is only one God, and I am not He.”


Luke knew her mind was going.  Her power in the Force was so strong that even she did not realize what she could do.  She went into animal rages and remembered nothing afterwards.


The Yuuzhan Vong revered her for her cunningness, her extreme athletic ability, her cold demeanor.  It was everything they wanted to be, and here was their enemy who was better at it than they.  She was also the only one Luke knew of who could use the Force against them to deadly extent.


They left the system, though no one knew exactly where their home system was at that point.  Kiara saved billions of lives at the cost of thousands of the Yuuzhan Vong’s lives.  She did not stop, however.  She followed them into their home system, hiding and then jumping them unexpectedly.  They lived in terror.  Luke only heard accounts of her doings through obscure contacts, but he knew them all to be true.


Kiara never came back.  Luke knew she was still alive, however.  Her presence in the Force remained undisturbed.  He only wished that things had turned out differently.  Kiara, his little girl . . . how could she have done this to him?  How had this happened?


He could not answer those questions.  He could not bring back the lives that were lost; he could not recover the past.  He could only hope that his little girl would return home . . . someday.