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Here is all of my science fiction and fan fiction I have chosen to post.  My favorite show to write for is "Stargate: SG-1," however I do have works from other television shows and movies.  I also have some short works written by myself that come from my crazy mind that have nothing to do with television or movies and are just plain science fiction.  Please post in the guestbook and let me know if you like them or if you hate them.  I would appreciate feedback so I can make my stories better.
Science Fiction
Sand & Fire
Earth has changed through the years.  A futuristic tale of survival.  Very different from what I normally write with almost a fantasy-like quality.
PG-13 - violence, action, angst, Word count - 4,250
Espionage: Earth
A doomsday tale - what more can I say?

PG – action, Word count - 752

The Heroine
A short, dark tale of a superheroine, inspired by a poster I saw of a new movie coming out called "Elektra."  I am unfamiliar with the plotline of this comic series, so any likeness will be pure coincidence.

PG-13 – angst, mild violence, Word count - 586

The Library
I work in a library, and this is what I believe can be the future of libraries.

PG – action, Word count - 2,029

The Mint Bust
This is what happens after you tour a mint.  Technically, though, this story isn't about a mint, because mints make coins.

PG – action, Word count - 886

The Perfect Human Being
What would happen if someone was absolutely perfect?

PG – angst, action, mild violence, Word count – 1,562

Prodigy Earth
A warning to Earth.
PG - dark themes, Word count - 341
Essays and Other Works
Fantasy Essay by Isaac Asimov
An essay by the great science fiction writer himself - Isaac Asimov - on the definition of fantasy, something that many commonly confuse as science fiction.
Lament Sonnet
Another Shakespearian sonnet I wrote.  Obviously by the title it is a lament for someone - but no one in particular.
The Science of "Stargate: SG-1"
An essay on the logic and science of "Stargate: SG-1."
There's a Man in the Habit of Hitting Me on the Head with an Umbrella - Fernando Sorrentino
A brilliant short story I stumbled across quite by accident.  Although it is not science fiction, the writing style is reminiscent of the mystery within science fiction.
Science Fiction Journal
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